Saturday, February 26, 2011

Genealogy Society Press Release - REVISED

When we got back from our Texas road trip last week, I quickly mailed out my Genealogy Society's March press release.  I didn't want to forget or get it to the newspaper too late.  I sat back with a big "Ahhhhh".

Yesterday, I got an email from our Workshop Chair.  Our March speaker had a death in his family and the memorial service is the same afternoon as our meeting.  Yikes!  I sent my condolences, then had to jump on the REVISED press release.  Luckily, it was mostly copy and paste.  But I still had to print the labels, print the press release and the attachment.  Label envelopes, fold press release, stuff envelopes, stamp them and get them to the post office before it closes today.  (I only have a few newspapers that will accept press releases through email, the rest asked for everything to be sent by post.)

Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday.  But glad it didn't happen during the week.  I work 10 hour days and when I get home from work, I don't even turn on my computer.  The speaker that can't make it in March will be coming to our June meeting.  One of our members has stepped up and will giving her presentation on Working With Old American Handwriting.  Should be interesting, I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back home, safe and sound

Well, we made it back home, safe and sound on Sunday afternoon.  #2 daughter and husband have only a few boxes to unpack and get rid of the flattened boxes.  Their dog Dart and bird Harley have settled in nicely.  Son-in-law has already been to work.  Daughter has a second interview for a new job on Thursday.  We all have our fingers and toes crossed for her.

The trip went really well, only one glich.  Son-in-law was driving the 26 foot U-haul, my husband drove our Tahoe with our stuff and I drove with my daughter and their dog in her Honda Fit.  We left their house on a Saturday morning and were to pull up to their apartment in Austin on Monday afternoon.  On Sunday morning during a routine rest area stop, we discovered we had a flat tire.  Some very nice men changed the flat for the little donut tire in the trunk.  We limped to the nearest town and found a Walmart Tire Center.  Had the flat patched in under two hours and we were back on the road.  We counted ourselves lucky and blessed.

Got into Austin about 4 p.m., started unloading the truck.  Set the beds up first.  We got the truck unloaded and then pooped out.  The next few days were a blur and busy.

There were lots of tears when we pulled away from the curb.  My husband and I had done the same kind of trip from our families over 30 years ago.  Sad, exciting and thrilling all at the same time.  I've never texted so much since I got my phone.  I told her I would see her on Facebook, they post almost every day.  Guess I'll have to sign in more often.  My husband actually has taken to Facebook quickly.  He fought it for some time, but then some of his online buddies were on so he took the plunge.  Our daughter got him up and running in no time like she did for me.

Before turning the car west, we drove to San Antonio to see the Alamo, it was awesome.  I always wanted to see it.  Wish we could have brought our daughters there during one of our road trips.  And, I was impressed with San Antonio.  Riverwalk was great; would like to have taken one of the flat bottom boat tours, maybe next time.  I'll tell ya, Texas really knows how to make a Ribeye steak!  Both my husband and I had the best steaks we've ever tasted.
Today is my birthday.  Both daughters and my brother called me to wish me a happy birthday.  My sister came up and went to breakfast with my husband and I, then we spent the day together.  Daughter #1 will come here after work and we'll all go have dinner together.  Have to go back to work tomorrow.  It was great to be off for so long.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A start of a new life

Tomorrow, my husband and I will help our daughter and son-in-law move from California to their new life in Austin, TX.  Our daughter has lived here all her life.  She was born here, went all through school and college here.  But now they're making a new life in Texas.

It's hard to let go.  When she married, they still lived in the same city as us.  We would get together for dinners, some shopping, visiting.  She even got me started on Facebook (thanks sweetheart).  She and her husband have been making Christmas dinner for all of us the last few years.  I'm going to miss her so much.

Our son-in-law's company is picking up roots and moving to Texas.  He was one of a few hand-picked to move with them.  So starting tomorrow morning, we're in a caravan with our car, my daughter's car and the U-haul truck.  We just hope the weather will hold.