Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Goals

I'm not one for making New Year Resolutions.  Can't remember when the last time I did.  But goals, I can do, so for 2012 here are a couple of "Goals" I'm going to pursue.

Goal #1
Since I'm the curator of family photos, my family, my husband's family and our family's, I'm putting it in writing that I will organize/sort through all the photos, name the people in the photos, add dates as best I can, categorize them, scan them and burn them to DVDs to be shared with the rest of our families (brother, sisters, cousins, aunts, etc).

I feel this is a very attainable goal for the next 12 months. All the organizing will help with clearing out "stuff" that we've hung onto throughout the years.  I've already brought several car full of bags to our local Goodwill store.  More is coming their way.

Goal #2
Before the holidays hit, my sister and I started a family cookbook.  It didn't get publish for the holidays as I would have liked so this is my second goal.  I wanted to include family stories and photos.  We're including recipes that we grew up with and recipes that we've made and enjoyed.  Now that the holidays are over I'm anxious to roll up my sleeves and dive in.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, and many more!


  1. These are great goals. Totally "do-able." I wish you the best in 2012.