Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indexing for the 1940 Census

Since the 1940 census were released last week I've indexed for the following states: California, Illinois, Louisiana and Kansas.  It's become very addicting.  I've tried to make time each day but I can't always get to sit down with my computer.  But when I do, I'm surprised how fast time flys by.

I did sit down and locate my parents in the census.  My dad was 15 living in Chicago, IL and my mother was 13 living in Dorchester, WI.  I had also located them in the 1930 census 10 years ago, but it was still thrilling see them and their family together in 1940.  I'm going to try and locate my husband's parents in the next few days.  They were in Pittsburgh, PA.

I've been reading other 1940 census posts.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Family Curator's, ( March 15th post: The Three Stooges In No Census, No Feeling, Parts 1 & 2.  The video was such a hoot!  As a little girl I use to LOVED them.  I remember fighting over the TV with my sister because she wanted to watch American Bandstand at the same time the Stooges came on in the afternoon.  Boy that video really took me back, I laughed so hard.

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