Sunday, March 17, 2013

Family History Library Trip

I am currently in Salt Lake City to attend my first Roots Tech conference. The conference starts on Thursday, but I'm here today so I can get in some serious research at the Family History Library before the conference starts.

Last summer my husband and I drove through Salt Lake and I was able to do some research for a couple of days. I'm hoping to find some answers to some questions I've had for sometime. I wish I had more time to prepare. Time seems to slip away when you're in the middle of research.

Before my in-laws passed away, my father-in-law helped fill in gaps in their family information so I don't usually research my husband's line. But last week, I uncovered my in-laws (and other ancestor's) marriage license applications. [HAPPY DANCE!] I was able to print the document and show my husband and sister-in-law, they were actually impressed. To find more like that would make this trip a success. So glad to be here.

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