Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 NGS Conference - Day 2

Today's conference sessions were really good for me. They kept my interest and even if I knew some of the content, I learned a new tip, trick, or how to search on a particular website. I'm full of hope that when I get home I'll be able to try out and use all the new resources I now have.  Here's a rundown if the classes I took today:

8:00 am
"How to Find What You Are Looking for on Fold3" - Gordon Atkinson
I once won a subscription to (predecessor to Fold3). I didn't like their format and felt it was clunky to use, and I never got any "hits" for my family. I'm now looking forward to searching Fold3.  I plan on uploading my father's WWII information and search some of the non-military records as well.

9:30 am
"Cloud Genealogy" - Shamele Jordon
I'm familiar with the "Cloud." I use Dropbox, Evernote, Box and several other products. This speaker made her presentation not only interesting and enjoyable, she was funny and entertaining too. I learned so many new facets of Apps I already have and use. Enjoyed her talk very much.

11 am
"How to Find Your Relative on the Internet Without Really Searching" - Daniel Horowitz
This class was for the program. I have uploaded my GEDCOM file to the site. The speaker explained about the Smart Matching and Smart Research tools to help the genealogist discover information and help relatives to participate and benefit from social networking. Good speaker and I'll definately use his search techniques as I get more familiar with the site.

12:15 pm
Board for Certification of Genealogists Luncheon "Blackguards and Black Sheep: The Lighter Side of the Law"
At lunch, I sat next to a very nice lady from San Angelo, TX.  She gave me a clue to one of my brickwall dilemmas.  I had been pondering about that dilemma for years.  You just never know who you'll be sitting next to at these luncheons.

2:30 pm
"Information Overload? Effective Project Planning, Research, Data Management & Analysis" - Elizabeth Shown Mills
Yes, the title sounds very weighted (especially after a heavy lunch). Ms Mills is an excellent speaker. I was riveted to my seat. I felt like I was looking over her shoulder as she showed us how to make and use a Research Report Template and a Research Notes Template. She made all the steps in the process easy to understand to made me want to start all over with my database.

4:00 pm
"How to Create an Exciting Interactive Family History Tour with Google Earth" - Lisa Louise Cooke
I've taken classes from Lisa many times. Her presentations are informative; she gives you a step-by-step instruction, and she makes you feel, "Yes, I can do this!" Her presentation really pulls you into her story and you get excited along with her as she "flies" you to the next destination. She gives you links to various internet sites and explains just what you'll find there and why you need to check out that website.

This has only been the second day of the conference and I'm jazzed and excited to use all my new resources. Can't wait until tomorrow's sessions.

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