Friday, July 3, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Cycle 3, Week 1: 3-9 July 2015

I'm joining Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over, Cycle 3.
I didn’t follow Cycle 1, I was a “lurker” during Cycle 2. I found the steps everyone was taking to get their files and research organized intriguing. Organized, what a concept! The Do-Over will last 13 weeks, ending on October 1.

Week one will consist of:
1) Setting Previous Research Aside
2) Preparing to Research
3) Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines

Number one above, might be a tough one for me. I open my genealogy software several times during the week. My sister and brother both live in different states from me. When any question comes up regarding our childhood or need verification on something, they each say, “Call Gayle, she’ll know the answer!”

Number two is something I’ll need to embrace. My usual practice is sit down at my laptop, fire-up the Internet and away I go. I usually have to scramble for a pen/pencil, notebook or opening up a blank Word document to take notes.

Number three I’m actually looking forward to. I do use research journals and keep track of any correspondence I’m writing. I know I need a real Research Plan I can follow and keep me focused.

Okay, I’m rolling up my sleeves, here I go…!


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