Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FGS Conference Road Trip - Day 4

This morning hubby and I hit the road and made tracks for Abilene KS.  The mid-west part of the country did not disappoint us.  The road work we ran into didn't deter us either.  We enjoyed reading the roadside billboards as we drove eastward. 

In 2009, I was driving the same route only going west toward home with my eldest daughter.  After reading a roadside billboard advertising Prarie Dog Town and 5 Legged Calf, we had to stop.  Today I pointed out the same signs going the other way to my husband.  We reiminsced about stopping at a Prarie Dog Town when our girls were little.

Another thing that happened today, we watched a crop-dusting plane work over the fields next to us.  He was flying so low that at one point he crossed over the highway and I thought he was going to land right in front of us.  I almost ducked.  Wow, that was awesome!

We got to Abilene around 12:30 p.m., had lunch, then went over to the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum.  We spent 4 hours.  The visit was well worth the time.  We had been to the Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon Presdential Libraries in California and today made our 3rd Presdiental Library on our list.  Tomorrow we're heading to Independence, MO to visit the Truman Library.  Each one is different and special.  I was a baby when Eisenhower was president and a little girl when his 2nd term ended, but I do have a somewhat fuzzy memory of some of the things that happened during his administration.  I found it very fascinating.


  1. One of our goals is to visit every presidential gravesite and we're almost finished. We were at the Eisenhower Library about 3 years ago and really enjoyed it. This year's visits were to Gerald Ford and Herbert Hoover. Be sure to visit Truman's house in Independence, too!