Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Road Trip - New Orleans

Yesterday I was doing the genealogy happy dance most of the day.  Dave and I met up with another collateral cousin.  Her name is Mary and she had the magic wrecking ball that punched through my Ficarra family line brick wall here in the Big Easy.

We met her husband Louis, her son Louis II, grand-son Louis III and a daughter-in-law who is married to a different son.  They were so welcoming and friendly.  We made the connection that her grand-father Salvadore was my grand-father Philip's brother.  Mary gave me family names, dates of birth, marriages and some death dates too.   It was so good to finally meet this branch of the family tree.

We had lunch, then Mary gave us a tour of her lovely three story, two wing home.  On the third floor balcony we could look over the raised levee to see Lake Pontchartrain.  Such a gorgeous view.

When we finally had to say good-bye, she made us promise to come back again.  What a wonderful visit.  I'm still smiling and dancing!

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