Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Road Trip - Oklahoma

Our original plan was to head home after visiting our daughter in Austin, TX. But another gaming-buddy of Dave's on Facebook talked him into visiting him in Duncan, OK. We said, okay, we'll deviate and go up to Oklahoma. Then a childhood friend saw him on Facebook and noticed we were heading to Oklahoma, he also talked Dave into stopping in Enid, OK.

It rained the entire day all the way up to Duncan. We found a nice hotel, got to stretch and relax for a bit before meeting and having dinner with Dave's gaming-buddy and his family. What is so cool about meeting this man is he and Dave have never met before. They had been playing an online game together and e-mailing maybe three years. This visit made a total of three men he's met on this trip from his online game. They have all been eager to meet us and we've been welcomed into their homes and met their families. It has been such a pleasure.

Dave's friend told us about The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center that was in Duncan. Since we didn't have to be in Enid until after 5 pm the next day, we made sure that we stopped before leaving town. What a wonderful museum. There were original paintings and sculptures, a film depiction of the Chisholm Trail during the 1880s, all very realistic. We felt the rain hitting us during the rain and thunder storm sequence in the film, even felt the floor shake during the cattle stampede, such fun! We highly recommend the stop.

We got to Enid by mid-afternoon, got a hotel and then Dave called his childhood school friend. We met him and his lovely wife for dinner at a local restaurant. Dave and his friend hadn't seen each other in about 43 years. They talked non-stop, lots of catching up. We took pictures, shared family pictures, laughed and reminisced. We truly had a great time and I know Dave will always remember this visit.

The next morning we got up earlier than we have the entire trip and hit the road. We were thinking of spending the night in Albuquerque, NM for the night but we actually ended up in Grants, NM. We had covered 660 miles that day.

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  1. The Chisholm Trail Center is a good visit. We went this summer. I have an ancestor that was a trail driver, so it was extra special. I wouldn't have lasted a day on the trail.

    If you ever find yourself in Duncan again, the Stephens County Genealogical Society library is downtown.

    Thanks for sharing your road trip with us!