Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent Calendar - Christmas Cookies

Did your family or ancestors make Christmas Cookies?
Yes and yes.  Mom taught my sister and I how to make the cookies.  We rolled out the dough and chose just the right cookie cutter to make our favorite shape.  After they came out of the oven we placed the hot cookies on top of paper grocery bags cut open to lay flat.  Once they were cooled, mom showed us how to frost and decorate the cookies.  Some were baked a little too long and were hard, but they were easy to frost, and they were good to dunk in milk.

My mom's mother (grandma Jean) had a sister named Mary (aunt Mary to us).  She made the best kolache cookies (Czechoslovakian Dessert).  Mom would take us to visit aunt Mary during the holidays.  She always brought out a plate of kolaches of different flavors.  The cookie was round with an indentation filled with your choice of fillings, poppyseed, apricot or cream cheese.  She would wrap-up a "care package" of cookies and away we'd go.  Grandma Jean and mom made them too, but it was aunt Mary's kolache's that I associate with Christmas.

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