Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar - Holiday Foods

1983 at mom's house.

Traditionally, we had turkey and ham for the holidays. Seems we always had company too. Extended family or maybe neighbors, it wasn't just the five of us. Dad would put a very large piece of plywood on top of the table to extend it and that table would fit 12 people or more (not the same table in the photo). The good tablecloths, dishes and silverware would come out and the tables would get set. The kids had their own table and we were able to have soda, one of the few times with dinner.

Mom would make her special Jello mold that only made an appearance during the holidays. We'd have red crab apples, jelled cranberry (from a can), mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and of course biscuits. Probably some kind of green vegetable but I pushed it around my plate and don't remember eating any. I was a picky eater so as long as I had stuffing on my plate, I didn't have to eat turkey. I remember so much food, laughter and fun.


  1. I loved the "kids table" - ours was always so rowdy at Christmas because we were in the kitchen and the adults couldn't see us!