Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent Calendar - Christmas Shopping

How did your family handle Christmas Shopping?
Mom did all the shopping and wrapping.  She must have done her shopping when we were in school.  The gifts magically appeared under the tree or there would be gifts in the car trunk when we went visiting grandma Jean.  When we were a little older, I remember our dad took all three of us out once to buy a gift for mom.  We had never done that before. My sister, brother and I were so excited on Christmas day for mom to open her gift from us.

Did anyone finish early or did anyone start on Christmas Eve?
My sister Sharon ALWAYS took the prize hands down, when it came time to be finished shopping.  She was usually done before Thanksgiving, so unfair!!  When I was finally making my own money, I remember thinking, "I haven't a clue what to get anyone," and this was usually well into December.  We are the same to this day.  She's usually done by Thanksgiving (or at least the end of November), me, I'm still working on this year's gifts.  Got any ideas?

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