Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar - Christmas Gifts

What were your favorite gifts, both to receive and to give?
I can't remember any certain gifts that were favorite.  When I was little, everything was special.  I remember getting dolls and strollers and educational toys.  I had dolls that talked, that wet when you fed them, and dolls that when you held their hand, would walk with you.  I remember the last doll I had, I named her Carol after one of my aunt's by marriage.  The last time I saw Carol was in our garage.  I had moved away and had my own studio apartment and left my childhood toys at home.  She was in the garage a long time, then she wasn't.  I think mom needed to clean out old stuff and Carol was gone.  Of course in hind-sight I was sorry I didn't take her to my little apartment.  When I was about 13, I remember getting a pair of pierced stud earrings from my parents.  I had those for a long time and thought of mom and dad each time I wore them.

The first year I was making my own money, I remember enjoying picking out gifts for my family all by myself.  Everything was special and bought with a particular person in mind.  Each person was quite surprised what I had picked out for them, that was really memorable for me.  A few years later I bought a crochet ripple Afghan kit.  I made the zig-zag pattern and gave the afghan to my boyfriend's mother for Christmas.  She was really surprised and loved it.  After that I made one for my grandma Jean.  After she passed away, I got the afghan back, I think of her whenever I use it.

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